Resettlement Action Planning (RAPs)


In most developing countries especially in Sub-Saharan Africa, Governments and Corporations are undertaking mega-economic projects to bridge and fill the infrastructure gaps experienced for a long time. In most cases, involuntary resettlement happens to pave the way for these developments. Riemann Consulting Group – resettlement action plan services complies with Government of Kenya, the World Bank and African Development Bank regulations and policies of Involuntary resettlement including:-

  • Rural Resettlement
  • Urban Resettlement
  • Linear Resettlement
  • Site-Specific Resettlement

Riemann Solution

Our social development and environmental specialists have profound expertise and experience in helping Governments & Government Agencies, project developers, and all project stakeholders in approaching resettlement as a social-economic opportunity to promote sustainable development through improving social well being of the affected communities and peoples.

Our services are pragmatic, innovative and are delivered in line with best practices gained from different industry insights and other corporations, including financial banks.

Our RAPs approach is systematically designed from:

  • Mapping
  • Census
  • Inventory of affected assets
  • Socioeconomic research
  • Analysis of surveys
  • Consultation with affected people concerning assistance benefits and development opportunities
  • Legal framework
  • Compensation framework
  • Resettlement assistance and livelihood
  • Budget and implementation
  • Information exchange
  • Grievance redress
  • Monitoring and evaluation